Right Computer Choice for Your Children - Laptop OR Desktop


Many people are buying Laptops as their primary computer. Laptop is very convenient and is available with larger screen, wireless internet connectivity these days. These qualities make it mobile and so more and more people are using it. But is it right for a children?

What if your child leaves a laptop on the floor or spill a cup of coffee off on it. The choice is very subjective, but there are few reasons which must be noted to get a laptop for your child. The laptop would prove a good choice if your child is allowed to use computer at school. Also, if you're short of space at home, laptops require very less space. If you have no internet connectivity at home, you or your child can get a laptop where it's available. In short, your child can work from anywhere.

Now lets talk about the drawbacks of a laptop. You'll be required to take extra measures to monitor your child's activities. As I said earlier, it can be dropped and damaged. Working on laptops without power cable can be frustrating sometimes since, the battery life is very short on laptops (Up to 2 to 4 hours). Large screen laptops consume more battery power.

So lets see how desktop computers can be beneficial. You always get more computing power as compare to laptops of the same value. Desktop computers are less expensive too. You can easily monitor your child's activity. You can get your choice of size of the display screen.

As with laptop, there also are few drawbacks of desktop computers. It takes up space. It can be troublesome while connecting to internet, as you'll have to place your computer near to internet modem, or expand the cable to your desktop computer.

Overhaul it's very subjective to decide whether you should go for a laptop or a desktop computer for your child, since both of them have pros and cons. But above are few factors which should help you choose better option for your child.

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Cassettes - CDs - DVDs - Now Blu-Ray Discs


Blu-Ray Discs is a next generation optical disc format. This has been developed by Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA). This technology is made to enable recording, rewriting and play back of High Definition Videos (HD), as well as storing large amount of data. The storage capacity of Blu-Ray disc is 5 times more than the storage capacity of traditional DVDs.

You can store total of 25 GB on a single layer disc and 50 GB on a dual-layer disc. This extra space and the advanced Audio & Video Codecs the High Definition (HD) experience.

Usual optical disc technology such as DVD, DVD-R and DVD-RW use Red Laser to read and write data, while Blu-Ray technology uses Blue-Violet Laser and so, given the name Blu-Ray. Even though both discs use different technologies, Blu-Ray products can be played on BD/DVD/CD compatible players.

The main benefit of using Blue-Violet laser is that it has short wavelength than Red laser has. This provides with a greater precision in reading and writing data. Further more, data gets stored in more compressed manner and in less space. Though the physical size of the Blu-Ray disc is the same as of DVDs.

Blu-Ray discs are supported by more than 200 world's leading consumer electronics, personal computers, recording media, video games & music companies. This technology has also acquired support from all Hollywood studios. Many local studios have accepted Blu-Ray as successor of DVDs.

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Split Screen Technology - First Time in Mercedes Benz


World known brand Mercedes Benz is now equipping it's luxurious card with a display screen that allows to view two different programs at the same time on the same screen. A driver gets the traffic updates while at the same time a person sitting on the front passenger seat can view news or movies of choice.

This has been made possible by SplitView Technology. This is going to be introduced in Mercedes Benz's S-Class for the first time ever. This technology has been developed by Mercedes Benz and Bosch, which is placed in the innovative control and display system COMAND which is in the center of the Dash Board.

The screen is dimensioned 8 inch and with TFT-LCD display. The two different images are shown simultaneously by placing pixel adjacent to each other, so that two images can be seen from two different positions on the same screen . A Filter masking display divides the image.

All the access is given to the driver control panel COMAND, and the front passenger is given a Remote Control to view his/her choice of DVDs, T.V. Program or Music Discs etc. To avoid distraction, driver is given a headphone as well. Mercedes Benz is planning to Launch this S-Class in Summer 2009.

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Video Conferencing - Elite Technology used in Business Communication


Video Conferencing Technology used in Business is bringing powerful and immediate benifits to various companies these days. It provides face to face interaction with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It is pretty fast and cost saving as it provides with enhanced productivity, increased staff rapport and job satisfaction too. Few other benifits are reduced paper work and no margin for typo or any other communicational mistakes.

Formerly, the technology was too complex and expensive. It was called a "Bandwidth Stealer". There were few technical and security flaws as well. Because of these, only large scale business companies were able to use it and small scale businesses had to manage with phone calls. All in all it wasn't as reliable in early days as it's now.

These days, Video Communication Technology has been so evolved that, Reliability and Quality are no longer an issue. Recent development in video technology has resolved all of these issues.

With a little effort new video communication tools can be installed in any I.T. infrastructure as well as your small business office or even home. High level security is achieved and assured by the providers. No drains on your corporate bandwidth - High speed broadband connectivity is an add on for fast communication.

Lot of companies online, provide with High Defination Video Conferencing with pretty less expensive setup fee. You can simply make a google search with keyword "Video Conferencing providers" and there are bunch of them.

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Graduate Unemployment Rate is Increasing in USA


It is being surveyed in the United States of America by the consulting groups like Challenger, Gray and Christmas and records state that companies like Hewlett Packard, Yahoo, Sun Microsystems and Applied Materials, providing over 140,000 jobs in the last few months, are now announcing that the job scene NOW has become depressive.

Most of the employers are putting an increased value on experience and tenure, something recent graduates lack. Many companies are moving seasoned employees around to fill open positions rather than to add another person to the payroll. Fresh graduates are feeling like putting all the work (in school) to not have a job. It's getting touch day by day for them to be employed in Silicon Valley, as companies shedding entry-level positions and opting for more experience.

According to the statistics of U.S. Unemployment provided by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - Americans in an age group of 20-29 years old have the highest unemplyoment rate. That's not it, the unemployment rate for Americans between 25-29 years old jumped to 7.3 percent in November from five percent just a year earlier. Since freshers are No No for most of the employers in current scenario, the unemplyement rate of age group of 20-24 years old rose to 10.4 percent from 7.7 percent.

Looking at these figures, it's quite obvious that the Graduates of U.S.A. are having hard time there in getting Jobs.

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Now Make Calls from an iPod - Just Like a Phone


You can turn your classy music player into a Virtual Mobile Phone, with a very useful freeware application for the iPod Touch. This application uses wi-fi technology in an iPod Touch and enables phone users to make calls to other iPod Touch owners and Google Talk's messaging servicer users. Nokia and BlackBerry users can make cheap calls even without a wi-fi connection.

TruPhone is all you have to install in your iPod Touch. The software is a spin-off from technology Truphone developed for smartphones and iPhones. Developers of the software are also planning to have the ability to make calls, to and from landlines in place very soon. TruPhone offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) too.

There are a slew of new features they're rolling out for the iPod Touch that will let users call landlines, Skype users or send instant messages. They're talking weeks, not months, before these go live. If you were using Truphone on a Blackberry, it will use cellular technology to log into the Truphone's website. From here you can make an international call, call a user on VoIP, or send an instant message.

Truphone is brilliant for saving money on international mobile calls from your home country, and because their rates don't fluctuate depending on where you are, you can save loads of money on calls when you're abroad. There are no roaming charges. Click Here for more information.

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Why Indian Nationalized Banks are Safe?


While most of the financial organizations have their contribution in the downfall of all the economies of the world there are quite a few financial organizations which are not affected with this great trouble of recession and are performing well as if nothing has happened. You can notice how these organizations keep your business secured all the time no matter what happenes in other part of the world. Indian Nationalized Banks - Why and How They are Safe!!!

India is well known for it's traditional living and the largest democratic country. In financial terms, Investors who seek fast money have been calling India as Sleeping Giant. Since the last decade India started picking up through accepting Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and allowing Financial Institutional Investors (FIIs) to invest their funds in India only in the sectors like Infrastructure, Printing, Telcom, etc.

For this, India has been blammed so many times that it's not opening all the sectors for foreign investments. But India has been very careful in moving towards global economy so far. Now the government of India, known for sticking to traditional practices, is bringing more foreign investments. The politicians are making trips to foreign countries to attract prospective investors. That brings state of the art technology and creates hundreds of thousands of jobs in India.

Even though India has made a big move towards being a giant economy, it's still traditional regarding its banking practices. Getting huge success in each sectors where foreign investments were allowed, Indian Government started favoring privatization of nationalized banks. Doing this, Government has been expecting that the banks can become more competitive and can become big with the additional funds they get through private investments.

So many Bank employee unions rejected the proposal of privatization of nationalized banks. However, recession is definitely not one of the reasons that were shown during that time by these employee unions for rejecting the privatization proposal. In fact, nobody expected that there would be a financial crisis that will gulp the whole world like a wild fire. Although the unions have their own reasons, overall, they have been against to the privatization proposal of the government.

Indian banks are known for their financial regularization. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) always keeps an eagel eye on the transactions of these banks. It is important to note, that when the banks of the whole world were going for the new Innovative Financial Investments, which promised them more money, Indian banks had not even looked at them. This may be because of their heavy inclination toward the known traditional banking practices, norms, and principles.

Now that the world's banks are going with financial crisis because of the same Innovative Financial Investments, Indian Banks are doing their business well without losing a dime so far. It's really a case of exception. Indian Banks gave a slip to the financial crisis by not subscribing themselves for the new Innovative Financial Investment policies, while majority of the world banks were subscribing. Few are these blessings on Indian Banks and reasons why they are safe.

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Most Hyped iPhone isn't Really a Smart Phone


I was talking to one of my cousins yesterday about iPhone and he told me the three shocking drawbacks of an Apple's Smart Phone, iPhone. I was shocked and decided myself to do more search on this and I found a bunch of drawback of an iPhone. Here is a list and it's a big one.

Lets first talk about technical drawbacks -
  • iPhone does have many of the latest stuff but the Camara. Even though it's main rival Nokia N95 sports a 5 Megapixel camara, Apple decided to have only 2 Megapixel Camara in it's iPhone. In addition to this, there's no Zoom in the Camara. And surprisingly There's No Video Recording.
  • It's quite obvious that when you have the slimmest smartphone with a huge touchscreen, battery life is going to be a problem. It provides 5 hours of a talk time, which is not bad but surely going to be a turn off for heavy users.
  • Upto 8 GB worth of video, music, audio, documents, contacts, email, etc is not enough for a smartphone like this, that's when a Memory Card comes in the picture. Woe... There's No Expansion Slot.
  • Apple's tradition of non-removable battery continues with the iPhone. Well, Mac OS X might be pretty stable but it is definitely not perfect, so what do we do if the phone freezes or gets hanged? The only usual option is to remove the battery and get it started again, but with iPhone!!! Smartphone like this are bound to be filled with lot of contents, and with only 8 GB, it's likely to get freeze when it's memory is full.
  • In addition to that, the expected life of battery is 300-400 charges, then you'll have to ship it to Apple to replace the battery every year or two. Now you'll be separated from such a smartphone for a week time at least every year or two just to get your battery replaced.
Read on if you wanna know some more exciting features missing in iPhone.

  • Most of the websites these days use Flash as part of their pages. Apple claims to have a real internet with a real browser installed in iPhone, it doesn't support Flash.
  • Although you can watch up to 10,000 videos on YouTube, you cannot watch all or any videos on YouTube.
  • You cannot use voice commands or voice recognition or voice dialing. Also, the voice recorder available on iPhone cannot be used to record voice on call.
  • Even though it has a 2 Megapixel camara, you cannot send pics to other cell phones via MMS picture messaging.
  • You cannot freely use the iPhone on other continents with sim cards. You're restricted to our Operator's International Roaming networks only. The iPhone doesn't even recognize Sim Card Contacts.
  • The iPhone cannot get real-time GPS Mapping like you can on the Blackberry 8800 because it is not GPS Enabled.
  • No third party softwares can be installed. Classic Apple DNA, only proprietary, approved applications may be released by Apply.
  • SMS Forwarding simply NOT POSSIBLE. Also, cannot send SMS to multiple contacts.
  • The intelligent KeyBoard, but you cannot copy/paste texts.
  • You cannot transfer music through BlueTooth. Bluetooth can only be used to pair with headset.
  • Cannot customize your rigntones with the MP3 stored on the iPhone.
Personally, I'd say iPhone isn't really a Smart Phone, after paying around $500 to $600.

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Fix Your Slow Running Computer


There are number of possible reasons for a computer to run slow. Even latest configuration computers with huge amounts of RAM and fast processors could run slower than it's usual speed. This mainly happens due to the vast use of Internet and easily available free softwares and trial versions of paid softwares.

With advancing technologies, high speed braod band internet connection is very common these days. Number of internet users are increase everyday and they download such softwares quite often. There are numerous software directories which offer free downloads of various softwares. These softwares aren't harmful to computers but installing too many softwares slow down your computer. Many of these softwares automatically set themselves to start up directory and everytime you start your PC, they start running even though you do not need to use them at moment. All you can do is find a decent Registry Cleaner from google and install it. Most registry cleaners will provide a list of programs which start as soon as windws boots up, unused registry entries, uninstall entries and numerous other computer problems. A good registry cleaner program will clean them too.

One more problem your system to run slow could be installing some softwares that contain Adware OR Spyware. These softwares use lot of computer resources ending up with slowing down the computer. If you're having this problem, a good Anti-Spyware would help. It detects and removes if any existing softwares contain adware or spyware. It also protects your system getting infected again in future.

The last and the most common cause of slow system is, system being infected with VIRUS. Virus is a computer program written with malicious intentions. Viruses are of many types, some are harmless while others damage the full system severely. Most viruses slow down the computer as it uses full system resources. The important thing here is to install a good branded Antivirus and a Firewall. Make sure you update your Antivirus regularly since Virus programs are written daily.

Deleting cache and cookies and clearing history on a regular basis would help too. All in all, a good registry cleaner, anti-pyware and an antivirus is must for a smooth computer system, if you're a regular internet user.

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