Most Hyped iPhone isn't Really a Smart Phone


I was talking to one of my cousins yesterday about iPhone and he told me the three shocking drawbacks of an Apple's Smart Phone, iPhone. I was shocked and decided myself to do more search on this and I found a bunch of drawback of an iPhone. Here is a list and it's a big one.

Lets first talk about technical drawbacks -
  • iPhone does have many of the latest stuff but the Camara. Even though it's main rival Nokia N95 sports a 5 Megapixel camara, Apple decided to have only 2 Megapixel Camara in it's iPhone. In addition to this, there's no Zoom in the Camara. And surprisingly There's No Video Recording.
  • It's quite obvious that when you have the slimmest smartphone with a huge touchscreen, battery life is going to be a problem. It provides 5 hours of a talk time, which is not bad but surely going to be a turn off for heavy users.
  • Upto 8 GB worth of video, music, audio, documents, contacts, email, etc is not enough for a smartphone like this, that's when a Memory Card comes in the picture. Woe... There's No Expansion Slot.
  • Apple's tradition of non-removable battery continues with the iPhone. Well, Mac OS X might be pretty stable but it is definitely not perfect, so what do we do if the phone freezes or gets hanged? The only usual option is to remove the battery and get it started again, but with iPhone!!! Smartphone like this are bound to be filled with lot of contents, and with only 8 GB, it's likely to get freeze when it's memory is full.
  • In addition to that, the expected life of battery is 300-400 charges, then you'll have to ship it to Apple to replace the battery every year or two. Now you'll be separated from such a smartphone for a week time at least every year or two just to get your battery replaced.
Read on if you wanna know some more exciting features missing in iPhone.

  • Most of the websites these days use Flash as part of their pages. Apple claims to have a real internet with a real browser installed in iPhone, it doesn't support Flash.
  • Although you can watch up to 10,000 videos on YouTube, you cannot watch all or any videos on YouTube.
  • You cannot use voice commands or voice recognition or voice dialing. Also, the voice recorder available on iPhone cannot be used to record voice on call.
  • Even though it has a 2 Megapixel camara, you cannot send pics to other cell phones via MMS picture messaging.
  • You cannot freely use the iPhone on other continents with sim cards. You're restricted to our Operator's International Roaming networks only. The iPhone doesn't even recognize Sim Card Contacts.
  • The iPhone cannot get real-time GPS Mapping like you can on the Blackberry 8800 because it is not GPS Enabled.
  • No third party softwares can be installed. Classic Apple DNA, only proprietary, approved applications may be released by Apply.
  • SMS Forwarding simply NOT POSSIBLE. Also, cannot send SMS to multiple contacts.
  • The intelligent KeyBoard, but you cannot copy/paste texts.
  • You cannot transfer music through BlueTooth. Bluetooth can only be used to pair with headset.
  • Cannot customize your rigntones with the MP3 stored on the iPhone.
Personally, I'd say iPhone isn't really a Smart Phone, after paying around $500 to $600.

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