Why You Should Place Popular Social Networking Site's Buttons on Your Blog


More and more users are looking for live contents these days. They are making real time searches. Not to miss out an opportunity on this, even Google has started "Recent Results" in it's advanced search parameters. However as far as Google is concerned, no one has an accurate idea that when exactly it's updated.

So there are users, and the number of users is very high who use Twitter and Facebook's "Recently rolled it out". Although they cannot be a replacement of Google, they are useful for up-to-the-minute search results, i.e. Real Time Search. It has been noted that, the first thing these users do in the morning is not checking their emails, but going to Twitter or Facebook and check for the recent updates.

This is why it is necessary to place all popular social networking site's buttons below or above every posts of your blog. This way, your posts are just a single click away to be shared on most popular social networking sites.

I'd like to mention one obvious thing here, that the content you post on your blog must be revellent and sort of useful to all the users. Only then your posts are going to get more tweets, dugs etc. It is not about what is happening in real time, it is about what people are talking in real time. So you should post contents which users may wish to share with others.

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