Google Adwords Free Credit Offer - Now for Adsense Users after Google Webmasters Users


Just a month back or so, many of the Google Webmasters users got a message with Google Adwords offer of $100 credit. Users were randomly selected and many of them made a wise use of this offer.

Now it's time for Google Adsense users. I'm a very old user of Google Adsense. At the time of registration I used my Yahoo eMail account. Later on I created a GMail account for my primary email usages. And I kept my Yahoo eMail account just for the Adsense purposes. I periodically check my Yahoo eMail account just to ensure that it doesn't get deactivated.

Today I checked my Yahoo eMail account for the same reason and I found this eMail from Google Adsense with an offer of Rs. 1500/- credit to use in Google Adwords Account. Google is promoting Adwords program with these offers.

So if you are an Adsense user, do not forget to check your email. And if you're an Adsense user just like I am (using a different email service provider), go rush into your eMail account now. :)

This offer is valid for a month after the date you receive email from Google.

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