Right Computer Choice for Your Children - Laptop OR Desktop


Many people are buying Laptops as their primary computer. Laptop is very convenient and is available with larger screen, wireless internet connectivity these days. These qualities make it mobile and so more and more people are using it. But is it right for a children?

What if your child leaves a laptop on the floor or spill a cup of coffee off on it. The choice is very subjective, but there are few reasons which must be noted to get a laptop for your child. The laptop would prove a good choice if your child is allowed to use computer at school. Also, if you're short of space at home, laptops require very less space. If you have no internet connectivity at home, you or your child can get a laptop where it's available. In short, your child can work from anywhere.

Now lets talk about the drawbacks of a laptop. You'll be required to take extra measures to monitor your child's activities. As I said earlier, it can be dropped and damaged. Working on laptops without power cable can be frustrating sometimes since, the battery life is very short on laptops (Up to 2 to 4 hours). Large screen laptops consume more battery power.

So lets see how desktop computers can be beneficial. You always get more computing power as compare to laptops of the same value. Desktop computers are less expensive too. You can easily monitor your child's activity. You can get your choice of size of the display screen.

As with laptop, there also are few drawbacks of desktop computers. It takes up space. It can be troublesome while connecting to internet, as you'll have to place your computer near to internet modem, or expand the cable to your desktop computer.

Overhaul it's very subjective to decide whether you should go for a laptop or a desktop computer for your child, since both of them have pros and cons. But above are few factors which should help you choose better option for your child.

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