Sex Lives Having a Bad Time As SENSEX Fluctuates


Financial crisis is now showing it's effect into bedroom. Many psychologists are of the opinion that sex lives of Indian people are severely affected with fluctuations in stock market index, especially Sensex. People don't find time to have sex during bull-run, while they lack mood for the same during recession, implies a new study that is underway, reported The Economic Times.

It's been undertaken to study the impact of the financial crisis in sex lives of the people across India, U.S. and Europe, supported by the World Association of Sexologists (WAS).

Dr. Paras Shah, based in Ahmedabad will be conducting Indian part of the research. The U.S. will be covered by Judy Kuriansky, based in New York. They will then tie up with sexologists in Europe and will present the complete senario at WAS conference in Sweden in 2009.

Dr. Shah has given a title to his study - 'Teji ma time nathi, mandi ma mood nathi' (No time for sex during a bull run, no mood for it during a crash).

"This study is important as sex is a relationship binder and many couples are on the edge of separation due to pressures of losing money and intimacy." Says Dr. Shah, adding, "When the sensex had touched the 21,000-mark, I got women patients complaining that their husbands had no time for sex. Now that it has crashed, men are turning up by the dozens, saying they don't feel like having sex."

Here is a scientific fact: The financial crisis is lowering testosterone levels in men, causing erectile dysfunction. By Dr. Shah's records till now on the study - The average finding is that testosterone has dropped to 250 ng/dl (nanogrammes per decilitre) as against the normal 300-1200 ng/dl. The levels of hormone should be above 400, for good Sex.

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