SQLite Manager - Great Firefox Add-on, Manages all Your SQLite Databases


You can Manage any SQLite database on your computer. Helpful dialogs to manage tables, indexes, views and triggers. You can browse and search the tables, as well as add, edit and delete the records. Facility to execute any sql query. A dropdown menu helps with the sql syntax thus making writing sql easier. Easy access to common operations through menu, toolbars, buttons and context-menu. Export tables/views in csv or xml format.

This lightweight extension for isn't only compatible with Firefox but, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Seamonkey, Songbird, Komodo, Flock as well. (See the complete list of supported applications) This extension will be very useful to developers who want to create and play with sqlite databases. SQLite Manager is available as a XULRunner Application too. The file with XR in its name is the zip of the XULRunner application.

Some Key Features are listed below:
  • Dialogs for creation, deletion of tables, indexes, views and triggers
  • Ability to rename, copy, reindex tables
  • Ability to add and drop columns
  • Create new db, open any existing db, copy an existing db
  • Supports writing your own queries (single or multiple)
  • Supports saving the queries with a name
  • A tab for database settings (no need to write the pragma statements) where you can view and Change the sqlite library settings
  • Export tables/views as csv, sql or xml files
  • Import tables from csv, sql or xml files
  • A dropdown menu showing all profile db (.sqlite)
  • An intuitive heirarchical tree showing all tables, indexes, views and triggers
  • Ability to see the master tables
  • Ability to see the temporary tables, indexes, views and triggers
  • Ability to browse data from any table/view
  • Dialogs to allow searching in a table/view
  • Allows editing and deleting selected record while browsing a table's data
  • Allows adding, saving and changing blob data
  • An extensive menu that helps with writing sql by hand and then executing it
  • Remembers the last used db, table and the tab (structure, browse & search, etc.) across sessions
SQLite is a small C library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine. An SQLite database is a single ordinary disk file that can be located anywhere in the directory hierarchy. Source

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