Skype With Screen Sharing & WiFi Spot Connector for Mac


All new Skype 2.8 with features like Screen Sharing and an Integrated Wi-Fi Spot Connector, is ready to be launched for Apple's Mac on Tuesday. This version of Skype is available only for Mac OS X users. The screen sharing feature is available to app's voice, video and chat conversation features. And a user will be able to run all four channels at once with acceptable performance. A user can share photographs as well as video through screen sharing feature.

Another feature that Skype is coming up with is, Wi-Fi Spot Connector. This will allow users to access WiFi hotspots on the Boingo network only for 19 cents a minute. This amount will be deducted from users' Skype accounts. Around 85,000 hot spots are available worldwide, Boingo officials report. The Wi-Fi provider at most of the U.S. airports, TMoblie is on the Boingo network. The Wi-Fi access feature makes Skype a more useful product for people who use the VoIP app from their Mac laptops.

Rafe Needleman from CNet talks more about it's features and use in USA. He says, "Disruptive Telephony covered other new features in Skype 2.8, including a new way to update your Skype 'mood' and to follow users in a Twitter-like fashion, bigger Avatar images, and a new way to manage and prioritize chat windows.

Also, regarding Boingo: That company announced a new Apple product: A connector app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. For $7.95 a month, users of those devices can access the entire Boingo Wi-Fi network. For U.S.-based iPhone users on the AT&T network, this is not such a great product since AT&T-provided Wi-Fi is now free for them, but international users and travelers, and iPod Touch users (perhaps those who use TruPhone for VOIP calls) may find it a good deal."

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