Now Barack Obama Hacked on Twitter - Phishing Scam


It is a world wide news that Hackers have targeted Twitter for phishing attacks. Free Apple iPhone Offers through Twitter were also in NEWS the whole day. I thought of not posting it on my blog since it had been widely spread out. But now it's Barack Obama who's the latest and new victim in Twitter Phishing Scam!!!

Today, Twitter’s top accounts are being hacked. Some are posting tweets meant to insult or ruin the reputation of the hacked individual. In the case of the largest account on Twitter, belonging to President Barack Obama, the hackers placed another affiliate link.

Here is a screenshot of the affiliate offer that was linked in the tweet:
Obama’s people were all over this and the tweet was actually removed within minutes of people posted. Other top celebrities were also hacked today. Here are some of the screenshots taken of the hacker’s tweets:
I specially thank Brent Csutoras, for providing us with a prompt and a timely information regarding these phishing attacks.

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