Tired With Fake Torrents and Spam - Use VerTor


BitTorrents sites are highly potential for scammers and spammers. It becomes number one choice for them to attack because millions of users are accessing torrents everyday. To avoid this threats, VerTor has come up with an innovative idea. It has a software that checks every torrent on the site for Viruses, DRM and Password Protected Archives. In addition to this, you can preview the contents of torrents before you actually download it.

Badly moderated sites are repeatedly spammed with fake torrents. And it is not that nicely moderated sites contain 100% safe torrents. So, VerTor [Verified Torrents] goes one step further in moderating. This site actually downloads every file to check for viruses, DRM and other threats.

Not only that, to give a user a torrent what a title says, VerTor takes several screenshots of a video file, so that user can actually verify which movie is to download. VerTor provides 20 Seconds Preview of a Music Track, so that a user can hear a sample. It also extracts an archive and list the files contained in it.

On an average day, 6000 torrents are downloaded, and between 2000 and 2500 torrents are verified and get published. There I see a little downside in VerTor. Since it takes time to verify each torrent, a torrent requires a day or two to be appeared on the site. This may sound problematic for those who want to catch up with a Live Football or Rugby Match that aired a day back.

Currently there are 138439 torrents verified, and more than 5000 were removed because they contained a virus or a passworded archive. In addition, the site’s moderators blocked another 14445 torrents for different security reasons. The founder of the VerTor, Alex states that they started to use a new anti-virus software this week, which shoud be resulted in higher percentage of virus recognition.

Other than verification, VerTor provide us with another user friendly feature. It allows users to download torrents in their own browser with BitLet. BitLet is a web based BitTorrent Client. You can use this feature by clicking the "Download From the Web" button on the torrent detail page.

If you are one of those who is not familiar enough with BitTorrent to spot the bad stuff yourself, VerTor may be of your choice. This site is compltely ad-free and founder says he will try to keep it like that for as long as possible. You can access VerTor Here.

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