Convert any Voice or Sound to a RingTone of a Cell Phone


I met with one of my old college friends today and he surprised me with my voice (Cracking Jokes) on the ringtone of his cellphone. We recorded our voices while we were in college and had it saved on CDs. With advanced technologies and the availability of Free Applications, he converted all our Voices' Tracks into different RingTones. It brought back lot of memories. You can do it too - You can convert any of your songs, voices, ads or any sound in your computer to a RingTone of your Cell Phone.

I did a bit of search on this and have come up with Three Outstanding Free Applications, that will statisfy all your needs relating to ringtones. Please note, all of these softwares are completely free of cost.

  • OneClickRingtones - Lets you turn all your MP3's into ringtones - with a single click. This application will search for all the MP3s stored on your computer and list it. You then can select one or all or any number of songs and specify how long you want the new mp3 ringtones to be and then click to create the new files. The good thing is that the new ringtones will be stored in their own folder and the original files will not be affected.

  • Now what if you want only the middle part of a song or a conversation. For example, a conversation is 4 minutes long and you want only one minute of conversation out of it, i.e. 2:30 to 3:30. RingtoneEditor comes in picture. RingtoneEditor lets you edit your existing MP3 ringtones to your exact liking. You can import your newly created MP3 ringtones or select a CD track and select the exact location and length of the final ringtone before uploading to your phone. You can select and play as you edit so that you get the exact ringtone you want to have. You can even change the bit rate of the selection to have better file size control.

  • Finally the application comes that my friend used - Voice2Ringtone. This software lets you use your own voice recording as a ringtone. You can record your own voice or surrounding sounds through a microphone. Then edit the sound captured to your liking, save and upload it direct to your cell phone for use as your new ringtone. Simply record anything like your friend's voices, animals, cars etc and you can use them as a ringtone.
You can download all of these three softwares by clicking respective links below.

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